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Powerhouse Summerfest 2019 - QLD

  • Thursday, 24 Jan 2019 10:00 AM - Saturday, 26 Jan 2019 8:00 PM AEST
Hillsong Powerhouse Summerfest 2019 is going to be better than ever! Get ready for an incredible 3 days from Thursday 24th – Saturday 26th January 2019. For the first time ever Powerhouse across QLD are heading to Lennox Heads and God is going to move in our young adults like never before. Register now and don’t miss out!  Be sure to scroll all the way down to find out all the event & accommodation information.
To add accommodation or transport to your existing registration go to "Find My Order" or from your confirmation email click the link to make changes. Scroll down for all the event information (rego options, accommodation, transport,  food, etc).

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We’re so excited for Summerfest 2019! Below is all the information you need for SF19.


Registration: Every attendee must purchase a ticket to enter the Summerfest venue. There are three ticket options depending on when you choose to purchase. $79 (Early Bird) / $99 (Pre-Summer) / $114 (Christmas Special) /  $129 (Regular Price)

Transport: Buses will be depart from your campus on the morning of Summerfest, getting you to the venue with enough time to check in, go for a swim or grab a coffee, all in time for our opening rally. The venue has kindly asked that we limit the number of cars driven down to Summerfest as there is no parking available on site and next to no public parking for several kilometres near the venue. You can purchase a bus ticket for $40 which can be added onto your registration at any time. For more on this see the FAQ’s below.

Accommodation: For the first time ever, EVERYONE HAS THE OPTION OF STAYING IN CABINS!! These cabins are air-conditioned and have a bathroom (toilet and shower) attached to each cabin. The cabins range from 4 person cabins all the way to 12 people. The cost for a bed in the cabin is $170 for the two nights. For the first time, you are able to make this payment in two increments of $85 if you wish to. We will keep track of all the payments and be sure to contact you before Summerfest kicks off to finalize any payments. For more on this see the FAQ’s below.

TENTS: We have been able to secure 10 x 6 man tents for Summerfest. The tent price is $250 and will be able to sleep up to 6 people in each tent. If you purchase a tent it will be your responsibility to fill the tent and collect the money for anyone stay in your tent. During the registration page you will be able to select tents as an option. If you're staying in a tent that someone has purchased you will just need to put their name in the section under accommodation. 

PART TIME ACCOMMODATION: If you are only coming down for one night, you will be able to select a part time accommodation option. This will be $90 and will secure you a bed in our cabins for a night (Either Thursday or Friday Night)

Accommodation Part Payment Explained: For the first time ever you will be able to split your accommodation payment into two parts. This payment will be your responsibility to make (it will not be direct debited from your account / card) our accounts team will be in contact with everyone who still requires to make up the payment before SF19. This way you’re able to spread the the cost across multiple weeks / fortnights / months. 

Accommodation Allocation Explained: We will do our absolute best to allocate every person into cabins with their connect group leaders and connect members. Your best option is to make sure you select your correct campus, club and connect group leader. Clubs are (Giants, Legacy, Royals, Prodigy, Empires, Gold Coast, Noosa, Youth Leader, Not In A Club) this way we will be able to put you into the correct cabins with your friends. If you don’t have a connect group leader or club we will work to make sure you are allocated to a cabin with people you know or from your campus. For more on this see the FAQ’s below.

Amenities: While the cabins have showers and toilets attached, there is also a large shower and toilet block for males and females that is accessible for everyone staying on site. For more on this see the FAQ’s below.

Food: BREAKFAST WILL BE PROVIDED EACH MORNING (and is included in your registration fee). We will have multiple food trucks at Summerfest for you to purchase lunch and dinner each day. You’re also able to inform us of any dietary requirements on the registration page. For more on this see the FAQ’s below.




Thursday, 24th January 2019

10am: Check-in at your campus opens

12pm: Buses depart your location

2pm: Arrive at Lennox Heads

630pm: Doors open

7pm: Night Rally

9pm: Free time


Friday, 25th January 2019

7am: Breakfast served

10am: Morning Rally 1

1130am: Break

1145am: Morning Rally 2

1pm: Lunch / Free time

630pm: Doors Open

7pm: Night Rally

9pm: Free time


Saturday, 26th January 2019

7am: Breakfast Served

10am: Morning Rally 1

12pm: Lunch / Free time

3pm: Doors open

430pm: Night Rally

6pm: Summerfest ends

7pm: Buses depart



Can I bring my own food?

By all means you can bring your own food. There aren’t many cooking options (there are a few BBQ’s on the camp site).  However there are no fridges available in the cabins to store food. You will need to bring your own esky with ice/ice-packs.


Can I cook in the cabins?

No. There are no ovens or stoves in the cabins.

What food trucks will be available?

We are still locking in our food trucks but we are looking at an American food truck, a Korean BBQ food truck and possibly another “more healthier option” as well as a dessert option.

Is their local cafes near by?

There are and they within walking distance from the camp ground.

Do I have to be over 18 to register?

No, You have to have graduated year 12 to register for Summerfest. We understand that some graduated students may turn 18 later in 2019 so no you don’t have to be 18.

Is sponsorship available?

Yes, you will need to contact your connect group leader and apply for sponsorship through them. Please note applying for sponsorship does not guarantee sponsorship. We will do our best to have all sponsorship requests replied to 7 days before Summerfest 2019 starts.

Is their options for part time registration?

Yes! Absolutely. This option will become available on the 16th January, 2019. On the registration page you will be able to select day registrations for Summerfest. They will be $50 per day or $90 for Part-Time. If you select both days you will be required to purchase a cabin bed part time.

Will the cabins and tents be mixed or same gender?

All cabins and tents will be same gender. 

I really want to drive down, what should I do?

The campsite has specifically asked that we don’t bring down cars because of local traffic and there is only about 6 car spots on the actual site. The campsite is locked at night so getting access to your car will be difficult. We kindly ask that everyone purchase a bus ticket. 

What is there to do during the free time break?

We are staying right on the beach, there is a lake on the camp ground and all the sporting facilities will be available. Swimming pool, basketball court, rocking climbing wall, volleyball the list goes on.

Is there a curfew?

No. We’re young adults. But we ask that people still be respectful of everyone staying  on site.

Will there be general public staying at the same site?

No. We have exclusive use of the campsite, you’ll need a Summerfest 2019 armband to enter.

What to bring?

Details to be provided closer to the event via email.

I have another question that isn’t listed above, who do I ask?

You can start by talking to your connect group leader or please email

If you have any more questions or concerns please email

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